Right Location, Right design, Right Team = Low investment and Operation Cost
Right Software,Right Methods, Right Infrastructure= Low inventory deficit
Right Outsourcing, Right Contract Management,Right Fleet Management+Fuel Efficiency = Low Transport Cost
Carbon Footprint Monitoring for sustainable Logistics Services
Sustainable transport and logistics web-based trainings, maximising energy savings in road freight transport and logistics
We are Turkey Distributor of Tanksafe Anti Syphon Device produced by Tiss Company.
Application No: 2013/06512 Registration No: 2013-G-127889

    "We can make a difference"

    Green Lojistik Consultancy Ltd. is an İzmir  based  consulting firm advising companies and foreign investors on Supply Chain Management, eco-efficient transport and logistics management, policy making, energy and fuel management, collaborative network development and sustainable procurement.

    Our clients are small and medium enterprises , logistics service providers, companies, which have logistics functions , entrepreneurs and logistics investors.

    We provide high quality, practical logistics advice to a range of industries including retail and  transport sectors, and  logistics service providers.


    Sustainability can be defined as the ability to endure. The United Nations' Environment and Development Commission (Also known as the Brundtland Report) defines sustainability in this report dated 1987 as " A development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the capacity of the future generations to answer theirs. "

    Sustainable development is the method for obtaining economic growth and raising levels of wealth by protecting the environment and the living standards and quality of all the people in the world. When environmental, economic and social sustainability is maintained, sustainable development can also take place.

    In this respect, Green Lojistik Consultancy aims to become a part of the concept of Sustainable Development and make a difference in supply chain processes.

  • Warehouse


    A correctly designed and organised warehouse means high customer satisfaction and low operating costs. At the same time, it is  impossible to minimise stock differences and reduce stock levels without the right warehouse.

    depo Is your warehouse designed correctly?
    depo Are you overstaffed?
    depo Are the warehouse working hours and shifts arranged correctly?
    depo Warehouse employees are sometimes idle, how can you prevent this from happening?
    depo Are precautionary safety measures for your warehouse employees satisfactory?
    depo Are the products on the shelves stacked in the correct order?
    depo Are the shelves designed correctly?
    depo Are there dead spaces in your warehouse?
    depo Are the shelves the right height?
    depo Are warehouse security measures satisfactory?


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  • Ordering and Forecasting

    Ordering and Forecasting

    The correct design of ordering systems is one of the biggest factors in ensuring that the warehouse works efficiently. The amount of orders, the correct identification of quantities in parcels, order timing and frequency take role as important factors affecting the supply chain.

    depo Do you have a weekly ordering plan?
    depo Is the order making and placing frequency right?
    depo Are the orders made at the right time?
    depo Are the orders placed at the right time?
    depo Can the orders be automated?
    depo How can  you reduce the time period between receiving orders and shipment?


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  • Transport


    depo Should you use self-owned vehicles or work with subcontractor shipping firms?
    depo What is the total cost of the transport you make with self-owned vehicles?
    depo How do you pick the subcontractor transport firm with the lowest costs and best service?
    depo Should your transport pricing be per km or per parcel?
    depo How do you monitor shipment times compliance?
    depo Do the vehicles get to your clients at the right time?
    depo Are the vehicle types and sizes appropriate for the job?
    depo How do your driver costs compare to the rest of the industry's?
    depo Should you conduct controlled loading ?


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  • Stock


    Stock levels constitute a factor that directly affects business profits. Stock levels must be evaluated with the right formula and the costs should be covered in the most efficient manner.

    depo How many  stockdays do you have?
    depo Is the formula you use for the stock turnaround day correct?
    depo How frequently should you conduct an actual stock inventory?
    depo Do you have stock that vaporises?
    depo How can you ensure there are no losses in the stocks?
    depo How should you monitor for damages in the delivered products?
    depo How many days worth of stock should there be in the warehouse?
    depo Can you systematically follow up with the products that your warehouse is out of?
    depo Can you find out why we  stockout of some products?


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  • Inventory


    Inventory means that the warehouse breathes, that the products are put in order and are arranged more easily and thus that efficiency increases. How frequently an inventory is conducted affects stock levels and thus your determination.

    depo How do you know if your inventory taking is right? 
    depo Can you outsource  to conduct the inventory?
    depo When is the right time for an inventory check?
    depo What are the inventory gaps in terms of money and amounts?
    depo Are products stolen from your warehouse?
    depo Are security camera etc. measures in your warehouse satisfactory?
    depo Can you conduct sudden inventory checks?
    depo Can you conduct partial inventory checks?
    depo How much of an inventory gap normal?
    depo What are the costs of an inventory check?
    depo How can you reduce this cost ?
    depo How many employees should you hire for the inventory check?


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  • Subcontractor and Contract Management

    Subcontractor and Contract Management

    depo Which functions should you outsource to a subcontractor?
    depo How can you measure a subcontractor's performance?
    depo How should a subcontractor contract be? What points are significant?
    depo Catering, Security, Transport, Handling... how can these be assigned to a subcontractor?
    depo How do you negotiate for prices with subcontractors?
    depo What should be the price raising mechanism in the contract?
    depo Should you make an open book contract?
    depo What should the timing be for ending a contract or signing a new one?


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  • Investment



    depo When will your present warehouse become inadequate?
    depo Where should you set up a warehouse?
    depo What are the relevant legal regulations and constraints in Turkey?
    depo Is the zone planning of the land you will acquire fit for the purpose?
    depo What are the costs of land?
    depo What are the warehouse rental prices per m2 in the region?
    depo Where is there land appropriate for setting a warehouse?
    depo How should the general warehouse design be?
    depo How should the warehouse roof be?
    depo What should the height of the warehouse be?
    depo How many pallets should your shelves fit?
    depo What should be the pallet standard?
    depo Bonded  warehouse  set-up


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  • Project Writing

    Project Writing

    Especially in order to apply for Kosgeb's 27 billion TL grant and 70 billion TL interest-free entrepreneurial support, consultation in project writing consultancy is essential. It is also a known fact that the use of credit directed at Turkey under EU support programmes is insufficient. Our services with regards to these support systems are:

    depo Kosgeb entrepreneurial project writing consultation
    depo EU, Eco- innovation and Eurostar project writing consultancy
    depo Tübitak project writing consultancy
    depo Izka project writing consultancy


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  • Project Management

    Project Management

    depo Making a project plan
    depo Creating a project team
    depo Directing the project team
    depo Defining criteria at project initialisation
    depo Regular reporting of key performance indicators
    depo Finalising the project


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  • Carbon Accreditation

    Carbon Accreditation

    Green Logistics Consultancy and  The Supply Chain Carbon Council are now working together to provide accreditation to those organisations in Turkey that demonstrate their commitment to carbon reduction initiatives.

    The Supply Chain Carbon Council has been actively researching the carbon  management market as it pertains to the supply chain since 2007.  
    During this time we have gained extensive knowledge in best practise and also the  tools required to effectively manage carbon emissions both enterprise-wide and to  product level.  

    Through our research we know that it is becoming increasingly difficult for  companies to communicate the work they have done to reduce their carbon emissions  and are not getting enough recognition for their efforts.
    Equally it is also becoming difficult to find the right suppliers and solutions to assist  with their carbon reduction initiatives and do need to see that suppliers and their  solutions are recognised by an independent body.  

    Green Logistics, together with The Carbon Council are now providing accreditation to those organisations we deem to  provide a professional service and concrete solutions in relation to carbon emissions  management and reporting.  

    We also recognise the efforts of those organisations who have taken steps to reduce  their emissions.  
    Those organisations who wish to apply for accreditation or are contacted in relation to  it must meet a number of conditions in order to receive accreditation by the Carbon  Council.  
    • Provide solutions be they consultancy, software or hardware that have a  material impact in measuring, managing and reporting carbon emissions data.  
    • Have proven track record in delivery and a high level of customer service.  
    • Show a dedication to carbon emissions reduction.  
    • Provide the Green Logistics and the Carbon Council with all relevant case studies/white  papers for  consideration.  
    • Provide any testimonials where possible in support of the application  

    Once accreditation is approved the successful company will receive a certificate  confirming such and the Carbon Council Accredited logo which can be used on their  website and all marketing promotional information being produced.  
    Green Logistics and The Carbon Council will publicise the accreditation and feature the accredited  organisations corporate and solution information on our website and that of the  European Supply Chain Institute. All solutions will be featured within the product locator section of our website with  direct links to you.  

    Those organisations who are successful in achieving accreditation will be able to:  
    • Communicate their commitment to maintaining high delivery standards.  
    • Demonstrate their commitment to a high level of customer service.  
    • Differentiate their organisation from their competitors  
    • Show a commitment to transitioning to a low carbon business model  
    • Enhance brand recognition  
    • Gain recognition for carbon reduction initiatives  

    Each successful organisation will have the opportunity to take part in a one to one  interview with the Carbon Council discussing the Accreditation and the interview will  appear on our homepage and be distributed throughout Europe. 

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  • Waste


    Sürdürülebilir lojistik, tüm lojistik etkinliklerine farklı bir açıdan yaklaşır ve aşağıdaki konularla ilgilenir:

    depo Do you have a waste management plan?
    depo How can you reduce your waste production?
    depo Are your wastes harmful for the environment?
    depo Can you reduce the costs of your waste discharge?
    depo Do you discharge of your waste in ways according to the law?


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  • Reverse Logistics

    Reverse Logistics

    Reverse logistics, covering the part of the flow of products from the consumer to the producer, plays an important role for firms. The stages of reverse logistics and reuse are:
    1) Collection (Re-collection)
    2) Sortation/Categorisation
    3) Recycling
    4)  Redistribution

    depo What kind of pallets should you use?
    depo How can you monitor the costs of recycling pallets, cases, parcels etc.?
    depo Should you hire pallets or buy pallets?
    depo Should you use plastic cases or parcels?
    depo What should the return and recollection stage look like?


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  • Fuel Safety

    Fuel Safety

    Green Logistics Consultancy is the Turkey Distributor of the Solutions that Prevent 100% Fuel Theft and Loss

    It is a well known fact that fuel theft is a problem not only in our country, but in the whole world. Furthermore, it has become one of the biggest and chronic problems of logistics companies that already struggle with low profit mark-ups in a country where fuel is sold at the highest price in the world. There are often serious fuel losses even without the knowledge of the company directors or fleet owners.

    According to statistics, fuel theft occurs generally in the following cases of vehicles operating in the transport sector:

    Lorries and semi-trailer trucks that are parked, at road construction sites, trucks and construction machines that are parked, parked municipality vehicles (such as rubbish collection, fire-trucks, asphalting vehicles, ambulances, school buses, public transportation etc.) boats and yachts and agricultural vehicles.

    These losses are not caused by the driver. Third parties are able to very quickly approach trucks waiting on ships or in parking areas especially in international shipments and syphon the fuel with a simple hose from the fuel tanks in a very short amount of time.

    In addition, a lot of logistics urban legends are told and retold as to how fuel theft is conducted in different methods and situations.

    We can even go as far as to say that even large logistics corporations face this problem from day to day and seek to find a solution in cutting fuel usage. However, this results in the drivers' dissatisfaction, overload of driver circulation and other similar tensions. While the administrators try to solve the issue by cutting fuel usage, they end up placing the perfectly responsible drivers in the same category as the fuel thieves and cause discouragement.

    Some administrators end up feeling that the fuel will be stolen in any case and give up attempting to find a solution that works.

    Having recognised the extent of the problem in Turkey and the desperation of the corporations, Green Logistics Consultancy has partnered with TISS, a company based in the United Kingdom, with 1017 customers and a world leader in its area for years, to become the Turkey distributor of the Anti-syphoning solutions.

    Managing Director of Green Logistics Consultancy, Osman Doğrucu stated that Tanksafe Standard and Tanksafe Impregnable, the two devices applied to fuel tanks, solve fuel theft 100%, that the solution is impenetrable, immoveable, unbreakable and unique as well as protected with patents worldwide, that instead of lengthening the time required to fill up the tank, ensures a 120 litres a minute filling up speed, that it prevents spilling, that fuel cannot be taken even from the top most section of the tank and that this is an ideal solution to fuel theft. Doğrucu also stated that the use of these devices increase profits, created up to 10% savings on fuel expenditure, pays back the price of the devices in savings made in six weeks and takes care of the environment by preventing fuel spillage during fill up.
    Patent Information on products: 

    TISS Tank Safe

    Related links:

    The Products:

    Tanksafe impregnable

    Tanksafe Standart


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  • Green Buildings, Warsehouse and Energy Savings

    Green Buildings, Warsehouse and Energy Savings

    What are the energy consuming processes in your business that produce a carbon footprint?

    depo How can you build a warehouse that does not harm the environment?
    depo What are the technologies that ensure low carbon emissions?
    depo What are the energy consuming processes in your business that produce a carbon footprint?
    depo Are your energy consumption processes reported and monitored correctly?
    depo How can you reduce the consumption of water, electricity and gas?
    depo How can you introduce an environmental austerity awareness in your business?
    depo What lighting systems should you use to ensure low costs?
    depo What time period is appropriate for the cost return of these lighting systems?


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  • Logistics Check-Up

    Logistics Check-Up

    From the confidentiality contract signed after the initial meeting, your business' supply chain processes are followed closely from end to end; from the customer placing her first order to the delivery of the product.
    With the information collected, we determine what precautions your supply chain needs at what key points and discuss the alternative solutions as well as their probable costs and benefits in a report.
    In addition, we can work with you to draw out a short, medium and long term development plan for your business. In this plan, in accordance with the sales projections we create a strategic network plan that includes dealing with the issues:

    depo You may face in the future due to capacity inadequacies
    depo Regarding where, what type and how big your future warehouses should be
    depo What levels your quantitative volumes may reach in the future.

    In addition, we can also provide consultation as to what teams and what firms are best fit to work with for the desired outcomes from your supply chain.

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  • Key Performance Indicators and Performance Management

    Key Performance Indicators and Performance Management

    Can the performance criteria be used as success criteria for your employees?

    depo How do you measure your customer's satisfaction?
    depo Can you benefit from mystery shopping procedures?
    depo Are the principal goals of your business determined clearly?
    depo Are the key performance indicators of your business determined clearly?
    depo Can you follow up on operation performances on a daily, weekly and monthly basis?
    depo Are the performance indicators geared towards customer satisfaction?
    depo How can you measure the performance and service quality of your suppliers?
    depo Can the performance criteria be used as success criteria for your employees?


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  • Software Technologies

    Software Technologies

    depo Are your orders made using the correct software?
    depo Is your transport software satisfactory?
    depo Is your reporting system satisfactory?
    depo Can you follow up key performance indicators through a systems software?
    depo Is your choice of warehouse management software fit for purpose?
    depo Do you benefit from all the features of the software you use?
    depo Which software should you choose?
    depo Do you over invest on software?
    depo What handling machinery should you use? (Forklift, transpallet, order picker etc.)
    depo How can you reduce the costs of machinery maintenance?
    depo Should you hire equipment instead of buy machinery?
    depo What factors should play a role in choosing shelves?


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  • Quality Control

    Quality Control

    depo Is the quality control location for your warehouse placed correctly?
    depo Is there a present evaluation system for the suppliers?
    depo Are quality control reports sufficient?
    depo How can you reduce the refusal ratios?
    depo Can quality control be conducted automatically through a system?
    depo Is quality control within working hours?
    depo Can you monitor the activities of quality control staff?
    depo How can you obtain necessary product certification?
    depo Is the number of employees working for quality control satisfactory?


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